Who am I

I am a beauty addict and a single mum of two. Therefore falling in love with quality fragrances & cosmetics that cost less and joining FM was a no brainer.

My Journey with FM Began late 2013 when I joined FM World UK, and within two and a half years I have reached Silver Magnolia Level and have built a worldwide team working part time a few hours a day.  

After a significant life change when my mum passed away with cancer, I found myself as a single parent unable to work 50-60 hours a week for a corporate structure.  After being restricted by a demanding employer,  inflexible hours and struggling to cover childcare and my own personal beliefs of time being ever more so precious now, I  decided  I no longer wanted to work crazy hours sacrificing precious time from my family with no rewards.

However I found my solution with FM (Federico Mahora).

As an aspiring mumpreneur wanting to work from home, to achieve work/ life balance long term, I knew on finding FM this was the best business opportunity to make it happen. I am very passionate about this business. I am dedicated to achieving my dreams and helping others achieve their dreams too.   I am convinced that it doesnt matter what you do now, what your personal situation may be, what your age, or professional background, or nationality is,  That network marketing is for anybody and can transform your wildest dreams into reality.

With affordable, high quality everyday consumable products, no high target, monthly order commitments or auto ships- I am convinced that this business is truly for everyone whether it be saving and earning additional income.

So if you are unhappy with your work/life balance, or simply looking for additional money to live a more comfortable lifestyle

Maybe even looking for a career change,  financial and time freedom 

Then join me FREE 

" Network marketing is the only profession that allows ordinary people to achieve an extraordinary income"

See you at the top, Emma xx 


It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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