Who am I

Lynne and Martin Shingler

Let me introduce ourselves.  We are Lynne and Martin Shingler.  We have 3 grown up Children - all having left the nest now to seek their fortunes and build their own lives.

We have 3 cats now instead this being the royal 'we' of course, as they are Lynne's cats/fur babies.  We have Porsha, Mercedes and Jensen and yes there is a theme here with their names lol!   We also have our very own street cat who we like to call 'Bob' (a stray) after the one in the film who uses us on the occassion for breakfast and somewhere to have a sleep in the day that's warm and cosy. Especially on cold winters days.

Martin and I both love spending time with our friends and family and entertaining them and going on any holiday's as and when funds allow. We have also introduced them to the world of FM products and some of them have joined us on our FM journey too.

We have been involved with MLM or Network Marketing as some call it for a few years and have qualified for many FREE holidays to Hawaii, Australia, Portugal and loads of weekends away to Lapland, Paris, Amsterdam, Poland and various venues around the UK.  All paid for by being involved within the MLM industry. What better way is there to have holidays - but FREE HOLIDAYS.?

Our involvement with FM happened by a close friend popping in to see us as he knew that Lynne in particuar loved perfume (what girl doesn't) and that was that - we became Business Partners with FM.  Making money was also a great incentive for us after all who doesn't want / need more money?  We are currently at the Golden Magnolia level and have a growing team of Business Partners /friends.

We love to build new friendships with our growing team and help and support them along their FM journey as much as we possibly can.

It is 'FREE' to join FM which does give everybody a chance to get their FM Business up and running.  You have 'nothing' to lose really but potentially 'everything' to gain by getting involved.

Earn 27% - 35% Profit on products you use/sell - Team Bonus's of up to 21% - Royalty Bonus's - monthly cash incentives at each level as you progress through the plan, Car incentives, Holiday and Conference incentives. 

So - just go to the Become a FM Distributor - pop your details in and within 24 hours we will have you up and running.


It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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