Who am I?

Hello and Welcome to FM...

My name is Michelle, Im a successful business woman, wife and mother of 2 beautiful girls.

'If its to be, Its up to me' 8 tiny Words that massively changed my life....

FM Group allows people to start their own business with very little money, work the hours that suit them and their family and offers a genuine opportunity to get away from financial pressure, escape the daily commute and avoid the stress of just working to survive.

When I started with FM Group in 2009, I was working as a consultant for a Large lingerie company something I had done for 15 years and I was good at.  I was sent a few fragrance samples to start with 174 was and still is my Fave, I loved them and joined purley to save money on my familes favorites...  Things began to progress, people were asking me what i was wearing (fragrance wise), the company expanded into my 2nd passion after holidays - MAKE-UP and so my FM business began....FM group was then providing with and income and products i love at huge discount prices.  

With FM World UK I am earning and saving all at the same time as lookging good and smelling great. Ive also achieved fabulous prizes, company car and holidays added to the freedom to enjoy my life, to spend more time with friends and family...

Now I am helping people to improve their lives too thanks to FM.
I invite you to join me on this exciting journey and you too could be driving a Brand New Mercedes-Benz paid for by FM World...
Some of the Beneifts :-
  • Purchase your own products at Trade Price
  • No minimum orders
  • FREE Webshop
  • Fast Delivery
  • Order can be placed either online or by telephone
  • Earn 30% cash commision by selling to Family, Friends, Work Collegues, Customers...
  • Simple to do - No experience needed
  • FREE to join 
FM Mercedes-Benz

Always remember, If its to be, Its up to me..... 


It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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